Terms of Service


  • Yuhunshop will only sell merchandise related to K-Pop idols and groups. In that term, Yuhunshop sells official albums, official cheering goods, official merchandise, official endorsement merchandise, and also fan-sites merchandise.
  • Yuhunshop sells ready stock merchandise, which can be found in the ready stock categories. Ready stock merchandise are not always limited but usually are not more than 50 items in stock. If the ready stock merchandise is out of stock, the merchandise can then also be pre-ordered.
  • Yuhunshop sells pre-ordered official merchandise. These include albums, cheering goods, and endorsement merchandise that not yet released in the public. Pre-order can last for a week until a month. Fan-site merchandise are usually the longest in waiting time. Because of this condition, we ask for your patience.


Yuhunshop accepts payment from bank wires only, which are from BCA, BNI and BRI. The account number will be given to customer when they are checking out the carts. Customers are advised to do according to what it will be stated in the cart summary to avoid confusion.


Yuhunshop currently does not have any affiliation with any other organization or fandom unless it is stated later.

Goods Condition

Yuhunshop tries best to avoid any broken goods. We handles every merchandise with care. Goods broken because of technical difficulties or happened when it is shipped will not be compensated. However, if the goods are broken because of our miss-handling, it is possible to return and exchange the goods under civilized manner.

Data Compiling

Customers carts will be summarized after the closing hour of Yuhunshop, which are at 7.00 PM Jakarta Time. It means every purchase made after the said time will be compiled the next day after 7.00 PM.